Full Text of Union Budget 2019-20

Compilation of Union Budget 2019-20 by CA Shashank Agrawal

Complete Union Budget 2019-20 compilation for easy search and reading purpose – by CA Shashank Agrawal

Complete GST Law with referencer (Vol 1 and Vol 2)

Solution to all professionals for easy and complete reading of GST Law from two volumes of GST Book.

GST Easy Search:- eBook on complete GST Law

This book is compiled in very strategic way for easy search and finding any provision for which you don`t know the section, rule, notification, circular or order number or date.

GST Calculator

This amazing utility helps you in determining exact set off pattern and let you know the net GST payable for the month.

A small presentation about “how GST Technology work” created by CA Shashank Agrawal is shared with you for testing download of any product from this website.